Traveling Over 50. Your Best Adventures are Waiting!

You’ve lived half of your life. You raised kids. You may even have grandchildren. You’ve made a career and a full life.

Maybe you didn’t make enough time to travel in the first 50+ years? Trust me, your best adventures may be yet to come!

Almost 10% of customers are over 50 and according to their annual survey, the number is growing every year. Four out of ten over-50s are visiting destinations they never dreamt of when they were younger, according to another travel survey.

Why Travel now?

  • Your children have grown up and they can fend for themselves.
  • You’re more financially stable than ever.
  • You have a trade or a skill to come back to, as well as work contacts who could help you out on your return.
  • You have the resourceful life skills you need to make it on the road – whether you’ve had kids or not you’re sure to have got yourself out of some pretty sticky situations.
  • You know how to talk to people and communicate.
  • You have much-needed skills you could offer in different countries.
  • You have life experiences you can share with other people along the way.

Travel Costs

Maybe you have amassed a huge amount of savings? Lucky you! Many people have not. So, are there ways to travel comfortably and cheaply? You bet!

One of them is staying is hostels. You can find thousands of places to stay for between $10 and $30 a night all over the world by searching at

Traveling for “FREE”

Other *cheap* ways to travel are:

Trusted Housesitters



and last but not least Helpx

For the last 6 months, I have been traveling for close to free doing work exchanges all over Europe and other locations. I highly recommend this type of travel You get to do cultural exchange while visiting places that you would love to see.

Look into these incredible ways to explore the world after 50.

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